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Satisfaction Guaranteed Refund Policy: A full refund will be issued if you are dissatisfied after the 1st class with the program or the program is cancelled by the park district. A completed Refund Request form must be submitted prior to the midpoint of the program or within five working days of a single meeting activity. This written refund request form will help us improve the service we provide. A refund will be issued when a completed Refund Request form is submitted five business days prior to the first class meeting and will be subjected to a $5.00 service charge. A prorated withdrawal refund will be made for participants who decide, for whatever personal reason (including injury or illness), that an ongoing program is not right for them. The prorated refund will be based on the number of classes that have occurred at the time the Refund Request form is received by the park district. The Superintendant of Recreation will consider exceptions to this policy due to other extenuating circumstances. The Refund policy excludes trip tickets, preschool and camp deposits and adult sports leagues. Please allow two weeks to receive your refund check in the mail.

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